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Analog eye is a photography project juxtaposing my childhood memories through the lens of my dad with the ones I created with the same camera 20 years later, as I discovered the medium. My dad, although a dentist, was an enthusiast when it came to photographing mine, as well as my sister's childhood. The photographs situate us in late 90s and early 2000s India, and are a staple of any dad who photographed their children.


The camera was carried forward, and its presence influenced me to break from a conventional career path and start think out of the box. I used the darkroom to print the photographs and maintain the authenticity as well as the emotion that my dad enjoyed with all that while. The camera has played a huge part in my artistic journey and the progression of my visual vocabulary, as I experimented with photography and film.

Presented at Meter Squared London on 16th June 2023.

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