About Kushagra

Kushagra is a fashion and lifestyle photographer based currently based in London, United Kingdom, and has shot renowned faces such as Kiara Advani, Sara Ali Khan, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Kriti Sanon. Some of his clients include Elle India, Reebok, The FDCI, Azure Hospitality, Sunburn Music Festival.

Having an artistic mind from my childhood, Kushagra looked to catch up on new art forms like painting, music, really fast. But it wasn’t until a vacation to Switzerland, when he was 8, that he understood the intimacy photography has with reality.

A believer of “beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes”, Kushagra also believes that this beauty can be re-defined, molded and presented in tiny minute pixels coming together on a large canvas, on a desktop or on commercial banners if a honed photographer chooses to seize the moment behind the lens.

His alter ego can be seen in his personal work, which offers a stark contrast from his commercial visual solutions. His curiosity to capture visual stories, and use the power that gravitates through the camera to transform lives from behind the lens has taken him to places across the streets of New Delhi, and events such as Durga Puja Festival and the Singapore Grand Prix and work with NGOs such as The Dead River Project.

Kushagra believes that photography is not just an art, but a bold way of representation of memories. He cherishes the challenge as his journey being a photographer brings him to another picture.