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Time Out is a Work-In-Progress project exploring mental health and xenophobia while blending photography and cinema in a fictional modern London. The story is communicated in form of a photoessay to translate feelings of disconnection, solitude, the effects of news and political issues on mental health as a result of COVID - 19 pandemic, and ultimately, self renewal. The script drives around an East Asian artist living within modern London's constantly changing socio political landscape. While the coarse realities of the pandemic cage her within her mind, she tries to escape it all through her art.

As a believer of togetherness and multicultural co-existence, I researched movements across the world from 2020 and 2021 that spoke on racism against the BAME community. Along the same time, I migrated to London to pursue a postgraduate course in photography. Living through consecutive lockdowns in the UK as well as India, I survived the dystopia while experiencing COVID anxiety. Sharing similarities with my own, I got particularly attracted to discover the culture and ways of living of people from the East Asian diaspora as the lockdowns eased. Through this inquiry also came the discourse around Sinophobia and the Stop Asian Hate movement. I realised that a fictional story based on nuances which are extremely private can be something that one might understand, and may change their notions towards these critical humanitarian issues and move towards change. This project drives through a fictional script combining my personal story with my ongoing research since the last two years, and is depicted through my newfound cinematic eye.

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